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2023 1 Apr. 5 Nov. Temporary exhibitions Let's eat! What do we put on our plates? The Musée des Maisons Comtoises has chosen to take a closer look at what we put on our plates. Seemingly trivial, "eating" today is a matter of choices, compromises, prescriptions, injunctions, [...]. 2023 1 Apr. 5 Nov. Temporary exhibitions Once upon a hunger Based on her personal story, Jessica Jeanparis takes an artistic and sensitive look at food in the 21st century. An exhibition to support an emerging talent in regional photography, organized in partnership with the Grain d'pixel association. 2023 1 Apr. 5 Nov. Temporary exhibitions Zita, Des Glaneuses Sculpture Visual artist Léa Dordhain's interpretation of Jean-François Millet's famous painting Des glaneuses (1857) is set on the museum's ridgeline. She expands on the original purpose of this work, which is linked to the history of [...]. 2023 23 May 5 Nov. Temporary exhibitions Discovering the natural environments of Greater Besançon Through the great diversity of its natural environments, the Greater Besançon area is home to an incredible heritage of flora and fauna. Dry grasslands, meadows, slope forests, wetlands... to pay homage to these environments that make up the region's rich [...]. 2023 3 June Workshops Wild basketry Elsa Stricher offers an introduction to basketry at the Museum! Introductory workshop in wild basketry, with the creation of a sack made from a sledgehammer. Information and booking on 03 81 55 20 17 or via the booking form (please note that [...]) 2023 3 June Workshops Fermented beverages (postponed to a later date) Make your own natural fermented drinks with Eve Coltat! The warmer weather brings with it a craving for fresh, sparkling, tasty drinks. If you like to learn how to make things yourself and experiment, Eve Coltat's fermented beverages [...]. 2023 3 June 4 June Cultural program Rendez-vous in the gardens Come and stroll through the museum's various gardens and kitchen gardens for the 20th Rendez-vous aux jardins: educational, medicinal, tinctorial, cereal or for lacto-fermentation, it's an opportunity to discover the great diversity of plants grown at the museum. 2023 3 June Event Festival de caves The museum welcomes the Festival de caves on Saturday June 3 at 8pm. Information and reservations 2023 21 June Event Symposium on energy transition, landscape and heritage The Musée des Maisons Comtoises is organizing a symposium on energy transition and how it relates to the preservation of heritage, particularly landscape. The production and transmission of energy have always had an impact on the landscape, and the [...] 2023 23 June 17 Sep. Temporary exhibitions À la fortune du pot Contemporary ceramics - Five contemporary artists invite visitors to their table: in the form of a shared meal, the exhibition highlights the close links between the art of the table, food, digestive physiology, festive meal rituals and ceramics. [...] 2023 24 June Workshops Lime-hemp rendering for insulation Lime-hemp rendering is used as a thermal corrector, mainly indoors, on all properly prepared supports. It is particularly suitable for renovating old buildings to homogenize a heterogeneous support or to reduce the sensation of cold given by walls [...]. 2023 1 Jul. Workshops Cooking with wild plants Lucie Saint-Voirin invites you to a day of discovery with wild plants! During the course of the day, we'll go out into the wild to pick a variety of plants and cook them together, covering the basics of wild plant gathering and [...].