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Trail games

Our different treasure hunts!

To do with family or friends

They enable children to get to grips with the site. They contain simple questions about housing, daily life, agricultural activities and gardens and an answer key. You can find a paper version of these games at the Museum reception desk.
From 4 years old (free).

Wolf, are you there?

Wolf, are you there?

Help the 3 little pigs to build their house!
From 6 years old.
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The hunt for footprints

The hunt for footprints

Can you recognize who's been there?
From CP to CM2
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The museum for tots

By observing shapes, colors, graphics of objects, children discover the universe of past times.
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Gourmet treasure hunt

Gourmet treasure hunt

Find the different ingredients and utensils that will allow you to make the recipe.
From 1st to 5th grade.
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Little man

Little Man

On the trail of bread
Kindergarten to CM2
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Drawing of Arces-de-Morteau farm

Discovering the museum 

CP to CM2
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Follow the guide

From now on, the geographical tour of Nancray's maisons comtoises museum will double as a chronological tour: the objects and furniture inside each house represent a specific era (1780, 1810, 1840, 1885, 1925 and 1950). To illustrate this chronological tour, the museum offers three guides entitled "Follow the guide" for children from 4th grade to middle school.

follow the heating guide

Episode 1: Daily life

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follow the daily guide

Episode 3: Lighting

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follow the lighting guide

Episode 2: Heating

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