Daily schedule : Closed

The team

Virginie Duède-Fernandez, Director
Florence Coutier, Scientific and Cultural Director, Heritage Curator

Collections department
Sandrine Guillaume, collections officer
Jean-Yves Chèvre-Baleige, collections management assistant

Administrative service
Théophile Marguet, administrative manager
Marie Perrin, administrative management assistant
Marie-Eve Belpois, maintenance agent

Service médiation culturelle
Julien Rignault, in charge of audiences and cultural programming
Thomas Bernardy, Nicolas Berg, Charlie Sotto, cultural mediators
Charlotte Tosgun, Lise Jacquemin, Claire Vigne, Justine Delepaut, Léa Bertin, Léa Mathieu, cultural mediators

Communication/marketing/press relations department
Christelle Humbert, communication/marketing manager
Savannah Demarque, communication/marketing assistant

Reception and reservations department
Christelle Humbert, department manager
Savannah Demarque, boutique/café manager, manager
Anne-Christelle Mougenet, group and individual customer manager
Laurenne Paillet, receptionist

Technical service and gardens
Lisa Vilar, Marie Guely, gardeners
Cédric Clerc, Yannick Lambrecht, François Sautet, Eric Poète, technical agent
Joël Sauce, animal keeper