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Eight themed gardens

Along the way, themed gardens enhance the landscape!

Awaken your senses in the vegetable and theme gardens and in the garden of the simple organised around its kiosk.

Medicinal garden
Medicinal garden
Garden of recovery
Garden of yesterday and today

Conservatory of regional plants

The museum is also a regional plant conservatory, which enriches and preserves its collections of textile and dye plants, aromatic and medicinal plants, ancient cereals and fruit trees.

Gourmet garden
Gourmet garden

An environmentally friendly museum

The museum implements the most environmentally friendly cultivation techniques possible using organic farming and permaculture techniques (composting, plant slurry, green manure, mulching, seed harvesting, late mowing, oyas), testing other lesser-known techniques such as ramial fragmented wood (RCW) which maintains a closer relationship with the earth.