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Museum projects

A new project for the museum

After more than 30 years of existence, it is necessary to redefine the vocation of the Maisons Comtoises open-air museum for the Grand Besançon Métropole territory. The Maisons Comtoises Museum is a place where visitors can question their own way of life and their relationship with nature and the world.

Until now, the Museum's development has not been accompanied by a matching of the facilities to the needs of the visitors. Today, the architectural project in gestation must respond to the following challenges:

  • Increasing the range and quality of services offered to the public
  • Make the Museum a structuring site for regional heritage and tourism by developing more experiential offers
  • Partly compensating for the weather dependency of an outdoor site
  • To conserve, restore, enhance and continue the collection and study of the collections in accordance with the Museums of France designation
new agricultural machinery gallery
Model of the new agricultural machinery gallery
Model of the new reception building
Model of the new reception building

The priorities of the architects' work will be as follows:

  • Landscape enhancement of the park and the visitor circuit
  • Creation of storage areas with a collection enhancement and/or visiting section
  • Renovation, creation or extension of the reception building and the restaurant area
  • Creation of a temporary exhibition room
  • Creation of rooms for educational, seminar or training purposes