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Ideas for outings in Franche-Comté

Jura Mountains

Jura Mountains

Like a natural comma along the Franco-Swiss border, the Jura Mountains offer their visitors a gentle interlude preserved from the major tourist flows. Come and discover all the riches of a mountainous territory and the promise of an absolute change of scenery in the wide open spaces that await you.

Franche-Comté Évasion

Franche-Comté Évasion

FRANCHE-COMTÉ ÉVASION brings together 14 of the most representative tourist sites in a region already known for its environment, the best protected in Europe. In the land of limestone, caves, natural sites, historical, religious and industrial heritage, as well as traditions, know-how and endangered animals, are preserved with passion. And in this invigorating and restful setting, all the richness of our land: renowned wines from a thousand-year-old vineyard, maturing cellars for renowned cheeses and smoking in a tuyé farm.

Doubs Tourism

Discover the Doubs

Tourism in the Doubs

La Grande Saline

The Grande Saline, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as an extension of the Royal Salt Works of Arc-et-Senans, represents 1200 years of salt history and its exploitation in Franche Comté.

Saut du Doubs panoramic launches

Saut du Doubs panoramic launches

The first natural site in Franche Comté and classified as a Grand Site National, the Saut du Doubs is a dazzling 27m high waterfall. Saut du Doubs

The Royal Saltworks of Arc-et-Senans

The Royal Saltworks, an 18th century royal factory, is a unique testimony to industrial history and is classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Distillerie Guy

Pontarlier Family Distillery

In the Land of Absinthe, visit the last family distillery in Pontarlier, where 4 generations of distillers have succeeded each other since 1890. You will discover quality products: Aperitifs, liqueurs and brandies. Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Drink in moderation.

Citadelle of Besançon

Built 4 centuries ago, Vauban's Citadel watches over Besançon and its inhabitants. Now renovated, it opens its doors to you.

Grande Saline

La Rochère

Located in the Haute-Saône department, on the borders of three regions of France: Lorraine, Franche-Comté and Champagne, La Rochère was founded in 1475 by Symon de Thysac, a gentleman glassmaker.

Domaine Henri Maire

Heir to a long line of Arbois winemakers, Henri Maire is an emblematic figure of the Jura wines thanks to his estates where renowned wines are born.

Grotte des Moidons

Grotte des Moidons

The most beautiful stalactites of the Jura, 10 minutes from Arbois, discover a true masterpiece of nature: the Grotte des Moidons.

Hedgehog Waterfalls

The Cascades du Hérisson classified natural site, a series of astonishing waterfalls, each more beautiful than the last.


Fort des Rousses Aventure

Discover the secret of the Juraflore cellars and experience the Fort des Rousses Adventure.

Grandpa Gaby's Tip

The most impressive Tuyé in the Haut-Doubs is the Tuyé du Papy Gaby.

Ronchamp chapel

The Chapel of Ronchamp is a centuries-old place of pilgrimage dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
Visited by the whole world, it is a place of peace.

Osselle Cave

Oselle Cave

For the beauty of its natural scenery, the variety of its crystallizations and colourings, for its geological phenomena and for its historical and prehistoric treasures, the GROTTE d'OSSELLE can take its place among the most astonishing caves in the world.

Vedettes de Besançon

Cruise to Besançon

Commented cruise in Besançon on board the boat Le Vauban to discover the historical treasures of the city. Passage through two locks and the tunnel under the Citadel.

Château de Joux

Château de Joux

The Château de Joux, built at the entrance to the Pontarlier valley, has a history that goes back ten centuries and dominates the passageway used since ancient times by the Transjurane road.


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