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The secrets of the Museum

The Museum's recipes

The Museum's animators will show you a few recipes for eating wild plants.

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, you may well have at least one of these three plants. Here are three easy recipes for filling up on minerals. So enjoy!

Activities to do at home

The museum mobilises its talents and offers you some ideas for activities.

Rediscover simple pleasures and share special moments with your children.

Spring cleaning

It's time to start spring cleaning with natural, economical and environmentally friendly products.

Secrets of plants

You want to know everything about these plants: the Sylvia anemone, the purple lamier, the coltsfoot, the bear's garlic, the daffodil, the amadouvier, the oxalis, the little periwinkle. They will finally reveal their secrets to you!

Illustrator: Thomas Bernardy
Author: François-Xavier Fuchs, mountain leader

The skills

Spruce shingles cladding

Some of the skills linked to the building industry are disappearing; this may concern the use of spruce shingles, lime plaster and whitewash, etc. The craftsmen mastering these techniques are few in number and do not always have the possibility of passing on their know-how.