Opening hours: 10 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
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Store - Coffee

The store

Enter the Museum store to round off your visit and discover Franche-Comté's current know-how. The items on offer have been created by local artists, craftsmen and companies. And why not indulge in local delicacies (cookies, honey, wines, jams, herbal syrups...), pamper yourself with goat's milk soap or locally scented soap, play with traditional wooden toys (bilboquets, whistles, spinning tops, cars, skipping ropes, skittles, puzzles...) made from Jura wood and in the Jura, or dazzle your guests with glasses from the verrerie-cristallerie de la Rochère.
You'll also find a wide selection of books to help you take home the themes covered during your visit to the Museum (cooking, gardening, know-how, home cooking, etc.).

The café

Take the time to sip a drink on the café du Musée's welcoming terrace, in a green and peaceful setting.
We offer a variety of local beverages: sparkling water from Besançon (La Bisontine), lemonade from Morteau, Bière du Doubs (Nancray microbrewery), apple juice (ESAT d'Étalans). But you can also find water syrups and diabolos by the glass, coffees roasted by hand in Franche-Comté, teas with Comtois flavors and artisanal ice creams from a farm located 10 km from the Museum. A true delight!

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