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The benefits

Becoming a partner of the Musée des Maisons Comtoises means developing your company's values by associating yourself with a cultural institution committed to environmental protection and social equity. You also participate in local development, reinforcing all forms of attractiveness of a territory.

Image gain, tax reduction

A company that sponsors a project, in cash or in kind, can directly deduct 60% of the amount of the sponsorship from its corporate tax (with a possible carry-over period of 5 years). In addition, the donor is entitled to material rewards amounting to 25% of the donation, which can be used in any way he or she wishes among the advantages offered by the museum (organisation of events, access card, visibility on communication media, etc.).
The real cost of your contribution is therefore 15% of the initial amount.


Virginie Duède-Fernandez
Tel : 03 81 55 29 77