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2023 27 May Workshops Traditional Lime Coatings Until the industrial revolution, lime was the main binder in construction. Mixed with sand, it was used both to fill masonry and to make coatings to protect against water and wind infiltration. It is also used to protect against water and wind infiltration. 2023 20 May Workshops Introduction to wickerwork - CANCELLED Elsa Stricher offers an introduction to wickerwork at the Museum! Introductory workshop to wickerwork, including making a bird feeder. Information and booking on 03 81 55 20 17 or via the booking form (please [...]) 2023 6 May Workshops Cooking with wild plants Lucie Saint-Voirin invites you to a day of discovery with wild plants! During the course of the day, we'll go out into the wild to pick a variety of plants and cook them together. 2022 5 Nov. Workshops Wild basketry - FULL Elsa Stricher offers an introduction to basketry at the Museum! Introductory workshop in wild basketry, using instinctive weaving with the lianas that grow in the hedgerows along the paths. During the workshop you'll learn how to harvest, preserve and [...] 2022 8 Oct. Workshops Making lacto-fermented vegetables 9.30am to 1pm Fermenting food is an age-old preservation method. The right conditions for successful vegetable fermentation are salt, water, the right temperature and time. This is a recipe a la [...] 2022 8 Oct. Workshops Introduction to brewing From 2pm to 5:30pm La Brasserie Bière du Doubs offers an afternoon of introductory brewing. This activity, both fun and educational, will enable you to take an active part in the brewing process, rather than just being a spectator. With the [...] 2022 1 Oct. Workshops Cooking with wild plants Lucie Saint-Voirin offers you a day of discovery with wild plants! During this day, we will go to pick up many plants in the nature to cook them together. 2022 24 Sep. Workshops Gardening - Learn to produce your own seeds From 2pm to 5pm Learn how to make your own seeds and gain autonomy in the garden.Discover step-by-step tips and practical techniques for producing your own seeds Number of participants: 6 minimum / 12 maximumInformation and booking at [...]. 2022 24 Sep. Workshops Art & nature 2pm to 5pm Inspired by botany and your imagination, you'll use scalpels, spatulas, brushes and other tools to create a small plant world under a glass cloche. 2022 6 August Workshops Blacksmithing - CANCELLED Freyjean Cutlery offers a forging workshop at the Musée des Maisons Comtoises! Introduction to forging offered by FREYJEAN cutlery. The workshop is open to beginners, and all materials and safety equipment are provided. 2022 16 Jul. Workshops Natural sparkling drinks 09:30 to 13:00 With the warm weather comes the desire for fresh, fizzy, tasty drinks. If you like to learn how to make things yourself and experiment, the fermented beverage discovery workshop will be an opportunity to make fruit kefir together, [...]. 2022 9 Jul. Workshops Making your own hemp-lime plaster for insulation From 10:00 to 17:00 Lime/hemp plaster is used as a thermal corrector, mainly indoors, on all properly prepared supports. It is particularly suitable for renovating old buildings, to homogenize a heterogeneous support or to reduce the sensation of cold given by [...].