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24 Sep.
2 Oct.

Green Solutions Festival

The Ecological Solutions Festival is back from September 24 to October 2, 2022, throughout Burgundy-Franche-Comté. This event aims to raise citizens' awareness of ecology and to collectively reflect on how to take care of our planet.

During the festival, the public is invited to meet the people who bring the Museum of Maisons Comtoises and its 16-hectare park to life in an eco-responsible manner.
Park managers, gardeners or mediators will take turns to talk about the latest initiatives taken by the museum in this field and share their knowledge.
Eco-creative workshops will allow young and old to test simple and playful solutions that contribute to the protection of the environment. Thanks to the guided tours of the houses and gardens, you will discover materials, techniques and practices that guarantee a sustainable habitat. Take advantage of your visit to discover the museum's newest building, an ecological goat shelter.
The exhibition "À table !" and the gesticulated conference "Le progrès se met à table", on October 28 at the café-restaurant Le Pixel in Besançon, will question the environmental impact of our food choices.

On the program

- September 24 and 25 and October 1 and 2 from 11am to 5pm: eco-creative workshops, fun activities for children, guided tours on biodiversity, botanical walks to discover edible wild plants or anti-gaspi cooking workshops
- During the week, from Monday 24 to Friday 28 October: meetings on the ecological management plan for the 16 hectares of the museum site and on ecological gardening techniques

Gesticulated conference "Le progrès se met à table", Wednesday September 28 at the café-restaurant Le Pixel

At 6 p.m.: Workshop "Solutions implemented", by Olivier GORICHON: The planet is burning and we are watching? We can be hummingbirds! What information do we have? What actions do we take for the planet? Even the smallest thing is a way to act for the planet! Assertions, figures, exchanges of solutions, alerts...

At 8:00 pm: Gesticulated conference "Progress has set the table", by Olivier GORICHON: " Progress has taken care of the earth... in both senses of the term: the soil and the planet with its inhabitants. The agribusiness proposes to fill our plates, and its strategies impact our environment. Olivier unrolls the thread: the food choices acquired through his personal journey and world history. His individual consumer choices framed by politics. Olivier recounts ... Between family history, human history and current context ... He weaves the link between his Amap, indigenous peoples, the Marshall Plan ... and the man on the moon! "

And also...

Come and discover the museum's brand new building! Since June, the Museum's goats have been enjoying a new shelter built especially for them by students from the Ecole Nationale d'Architecture de Lyon and the Lycée du Bois de Mouchard. For nine months the students worked together to imagine and design wooden shelters for the museum's animals. The first of the four shelters selected was entirely made and assembled by the students. This project is both aesthetically original and ecologically designed. Like a giant construction set, the shelter is composed of only two types of pieces, which allows for quick and easy construction. The students also thought of collecting rainwater from the roof to directly feed the animals' trough.