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1 Apr.
5 Nov.

Let's eat! What do we put on our plates?

The Musée des Maisons Comtoises has chosen to focus on what we put on our plates. Seemingly insignificant, the fact of "eating" or feeding oneself is nowadays a matter of choices, compromises, prescriptions, injunctions, conventions, etc. How do we position ourselves in front of these choices? 

The exhibition starts with a question: What kind of eater are you? 

The visitor must position himself on one of the four profiles proposed, each profile corresponding to a part of the exhibition:

- The Gourmet Eater considers that eating is one of the great pleasures of life, he frequently talks about cooking and pays great attention to the quality of the products he consumes.

- The "rational" eater who considers himself a manager of his health and longevity, and believes that by following the advice of doctors, he will be able to avoid or delay certain diseases and remain in good shape until an advanced age.

- The social and sociable eater, attached to the traditional rules of eating and conviviality, he is happy to sit down at the table to share the midday meal with his colleagues and the evening meal with his family and friends, he hates to skip a meal and to be obliged to eat too quickly

- The "naturophile" eater believes that it is absolutely necessary to protect oneself and the environment against pollution, and eats mainly organic or natural products.

Through four different approaches: the pleasure of eating; health through food; eating, a social act; and sustainable food, the exhibition aims to decipher our eating habits. The food of the Franche-Comté region will also be examined from these different angles.

The exhibition focuses on the museum's collections, including tableware, preserving jars and recipe books. All these objects show us how much our relationship with food has changed over the past century. Advances in medicine and nutrition, the end of food shortages and the development of new preservation techniques have profoundly changed the contents of our plates.