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Visit the medicinal plant garden

Come and discover the medicinal plant garden and its 120 species with Dr. Morel, a specialist in general medicine with 38 years' experience in clinical phyto-aromatherapy.
(Dr. Morel is also President of the Société Franc-Comtoise de Phytothérapie et d'Aromathérapie (SFCPA, association loi 1901), founded in 1982.
Co-founder, with Professors Jean-Pierre Chaumont and Joëlle Millet-Clerc, of the Diplôme Universitaire de Phyto-aromathérapie (D. U.)
at the Faculté Médecine / Pharmacie Besançon, and lecturer since its inception in 2001.U.) at the Besançon Faculty of Medicine/Pharmacy, and lecturer since its inception in 2001 (current academic supervisor: pharmacognosy professor Corine Girard).
Lecturer in various phyto-aromatherapy teaching structures, mostly at university level, in France and abroad.
President of the Syndicat National de la Phyto-Aromathérapie (National Phyto-Aromatherapy Association), created in 2013.