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Chilling tales
Nathalie Léone
11 a.m. and 3 p.m. (duration 1 hour), ages 5 and up
It all begins in the dark. Night. In the old days, there were no lights in the countryside. So, at night, it was really all black, all black. It was a land of low trees and ponds, swamps. There, in the middle of the moors, lived a young shepherd, all alone, in a little hut. At night, the curtains moved. But the window was closed. And the shepherd wondered every night: why do the curtains move if the window is closed? And suddenly, one night, he saw a small blue light. It came closer, behind the window... He drew the curtain... The light was there, twinkling, it wanted to come in... What was it?
A rackchette? A female demon from India, who devours male children at night when they're alive? A troll out of her stone boat? Or a flambette, a little hairy old lady as big as a thimble?