Daytime hours: 10:00 am - 6:30 pm


8 Jul.

Gourmet market with music

This summer, the museum welcomes the market of Gennes. Find about fifteen producers and craftsmen of food trades who all year long treat you on the market of this commune close to Nancray. Fill your baskets with local and seasonal products then extend the evening around a meal and a concert!
Free entrance from 5 pm

MEAL (from 7pm)
Braised ham from Haut-Doubs, shallot sauce, roëstis, green salad - 11 euros

Concert at 8pm by Kalarash
Festive melodies for an ephemeral flight into the Balkans with David Lefebvre (guitar and vocals) and Paul Bertin (saxophone).

- La chèvrerie de Aude, (Dammartin-les-Templiers), goat cheese
- Sarl de la Vallée (Germingney 39), organic oil
- Roland Bulloz, pork meat (Fontain), charcuterie
- David Mouchard (Belleherbe), poultry
Pisciculture Cote (Bonnevaux), trout
- Droz Barthelet (Valdahon), horse meat
- la Patiss (Gonsans) pastry
- Gaec de la vie de fer (Saône), cheese
- James Bardot (Baume-les-Dames), coffee roaster
- Boc'haut (Loray), canned food
- Commeaux Stephane, vegetables -
- Laurence Gruber (Alsace), strawberries, raspberries, cherries
- Glace d'Aïssey (Aïssey) ice cream from the farm
- Bière du Doubs (Nancray), beer
- La petite glaneuse (Trouvans), syrups, pestos, coulis, confits, chutneys, fruit jellies, candied fruits, spreads, herbal teas
- Rucher des 3 ours (Montrond-le-Château), honey, pancakes
- Bérangère Vallot, sourdough bread, focaccia, brioches, cookies, baked in the museum's oven
- Le réunionnais (Besançon), Réunionese specialties

Kalarash concert