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12 August

Gourmet music market

From 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm

This summer, the museum welcomes the Gennes market. You'll find some fifteen producers and craftsmen from the food trade who
delight you all year round at the market in this neighboring village of Nancray. Fill your baskets with local and seasonal produce, then extend the evening with
a meal and a concert!

Concert from 7.30pm by La Lue
La Lue, aka Ludivine Faivre, is a lover of chanson de caractère. In duet with Jean-Michel Trimaille on guitar, she brings us her 4th album, "embrasser le chahut".


Meal offered by the Au fil du Temps restaurant (museum restaurant)
Fresh salad: tagliatelle vegetables, melon, watermelon, smoked ham or Haut Doubs cheese - 11 euros

And also... at the producers' stands and in the museum cafeteria: organic buckwheat pancakes and crêpes, Reunion specialities, bread, fougasses and pastries, ice creams, a wide choice of drinks.

La Lue


  • Droz-Bartholet, horse meat (Valdahon)
  • Roland Bulloz, pork and charcuterie (Fontain)
  • GAEC De la Vie de fer, yogurt, faisselle, fromage blanc, cheeses (Saône)
  • La Patisse, patisserie and chocolate (Gonsans)
  • GAEC Du puy de la Velle, spirulina (Villers St Martin)
  •  Rhhum Momon / Le Réunionnais, Réunionese ravioli, samoussas, punch and rhume arrangé (Besançon)
  • Huilerie de Germigney, oil (Germigney)
  • Stéphane Commeaux, field vegetables (Binges 71)
  • La chèvrerie de Aude, goat cheese (Dammartin-les-Templiers)
  • Laurence Gruber, strawberries, raspberries, cherries (Alsace)
  • Bière du Doubs, beers (Nancray)
  • Glace d'Aïssey, ice cream from the farm (Aïssey)
  • Rucher des 3 ours, honey and beehive products, sweet crepes and savoury galettes (Montrond-le-Château)
  • Berengère Vallat, organic bread, focaccia and brioche baked in the museum's wood-fired oven (Pontarlier)
  • Épenouse harvests, saffron, saffron products, honey (Épenouse)
  • David Mouchard, poultry (Belleherbe)
Marché de Gennes © Sophie Cousin
Marché de Gennes © Sophie Cousin

Free admission from 5.30pm