Daytime hours: 10:00 am - 6:30 pm
View of the ropeway

Entertainment of the day

General public

Short circuit exhibitors

This festive event is organised in partnership with the GPPR (Groupement de promotion des produits régionaux) and Interbio Franche-Comté.
The museum celebrates short circuits! Responsible and supportive consumers, naturophilic gourmets, curious people and lovers of good food and good words, don't miss this new event!
On the programme: a market of local producers, cooking workshops for gourmets in short - or long - pants, events around taste, meetings and shows.

The exhibitors

  • GAEC Cretin / Ice cream from the farm
  • 3 bears apiary
  • Jacot Billey
  • Brasserie de la Quillotte
  • Brulerie Comtoise
  • Living foods
  • Sybert
  • The Little Gleaner
  • No worries
  • Les Volubiles
  • GPPR
  • Garden care
  • Ms. Coquillette
  • At the Cabris Comtois
  • Association La Pive
  • Blue Saffron
  • Epenouse harvests