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16 Jul.
17 Jul.

Short circuit

This festive event is organized in partnership with GPPR (Groupement de promotion des produits régionaux) and Interbio Franche-Comté.

The museum celebrates short circuits! Responsible and supportive consumers, naturophilic gourmets and lovers of good food and good words, don't miss this new event!
On the program: a market of local producers, cooking workshops for gourmets in short - or long - pants, events around taste, meetings and shows.


  • GAEC Cretin - Farmhouse ice cream
  • Rucher des 3 ours - Honey
  • Jacot Billey - Artisanal processing of Burgundy snails and cookies
  • Brasserie de la Quillotte - Brewer
  • Brulerie Comtoise - Artisanal roasting of specialty coffees
  • Les aliments vivants - Artisanal preserves of lacto-fermented vegetables
  • Sybert - Waste treatment
  • La petite Glaneuse - Handcrafted delicacies
  • Carefree - Herbal teas and oil
  • Nicolas Philippe and Alexandre Michelin - Bakers
  • Les Volubiles - Vegetarian spreads, tomato coulis, jams, syrups, ...
  • GPPR - Tasting of regional products
  • Garden care - Organic perfume, aromatic and medicinal plants ...
  • Mrs Coquillette - Growing of cereals pasta, flour, lentils
  • Au cabris comtois - Extensive goat farming, pastoralism and raw milk cheese production
  • Association La Pive - Comtoise complementary currency
  • Le Safran bleu - Producer of organic saffron, dried saffron filaments, jams, fruit jellies ...
  • Récoltes d'Épenouse - Honey and saffron producer

Concert Saturday, July 16, starting at 7:30 p.m. (ages 10 and up)

"All is good", Sandrine B (Besançon)
Sandrine B is all about music. Performing alone on stage, she sings, accompanying herself on bass or ukulele. She also writes lyrics and melodies. "All is good" is a generous, intimate, funny and danceable musical show.

Sandrine B all is good
put into words

Show Sunday, July 17, 3pm and 5pm (ages 12 and up)

Mets des mots, Cie THEARTO (52)
Texts read, acted, sung and even danced, to unlock your senses, tickle your palate and whet your appetite! A gastronomic exploration into the land of vegetables, fruit, charcuterie and even Vache-qui-rit®... Open your ears and taste buds wide!

Rates :

Saturday, July 16th from 10am to 5pm

Adult: €9.50
Reduced rate (student, unemployed, disabled): €6.00
Children aged 6 to 16: €6.00
Children under 6: free
Family: €28.00

Saturday, July 16 from 5:00 pm to 9:30 pm

Adult, child : free

Sunday, July 17 from 10 am to 6 pm

Adults and young people over 16: €6
Children under 16: free