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Published on 04/05/2023


Since April 1, 2024, visitors to the Musée des maisons comtoises have been able to begin their tour with a visit to the new agricultural machinery gallery, which has been installed just a few dozen meters from the Villers-sous-Montrond farmhouse, the site's current home.
Originally from the village of Les Combes in the Val de Morteau, this hangar is made of a metal frame straight out of the workshops of the Haut-Saône company Waltefaugle, a regional flagship in this field. Metal sheds marked a turning point in post-war agriculture, gradually replacing traditional farmhouses that had become too narrow to accommodate growing herds and ever more numerous and bulky machinery. In this new setting, the Museum's agricultural collections have regained a high profile, and are presented according to a double chronology. The time of the seasons, with the successive stages of cereal cultivation, but also the longer time, that of the evolution of techniques aimed at ever more efficient and productive agriculture.

From the hoe to the combine harvester, the visit to this gallery is a tour of agricultural modernization in France over the last century. The Museum's aim is to show how the post-World War II agricultural model has profoundly altered our relationship to food production, making it dependent on (financial) market prices and European subsidies. Through the use of buildings and objects, albeit old, the Museum aims to question our current lifestyles, and our understanding of the environment in which we live.
In its desire to update its discourse and present visitors with certain facets of recent major agricultural changes, the Museum is enriching its collection of agricultural buildings, while at the same time enhancing its collections. At a time when the agricultural world is in crisis, the Musée des Maisons Comtoises wants to achieve its objective of helping visitors understand the evolution of agriculture and the people who make a living from it. This new agricultural machinery gallery is one of the milestones in this process.

Agricultural machinery gallery
Agricultural machinery gallery