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Musée des Maisons comtoises

Presentation of the museum

An open-air museum of many dimensions

Unique in France, the Musée des Maisons Comtoises (Museum of Franche-Comté Houses) is a living museum where history asks questions of the present and inspires the future.

On a 37-acre hilly site in Nancray, just outside Besançon, the Musée des Maisons Comtoises is the perfect place to stroll around, contemplate the surroundings, satisfy your curiosity and discover the past. Come on your own, with a friend or your family, to enjoy this unique experience, a mixture of heritage, activities, exhibitions and events in the great outdoors!

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An architectural dimension

The Musée des Maisons Comtoises is home to 35 buildings from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries from the Franche-Comté region: farms, workshops, communal ovens, chapels, and many more. These buildings have been reconstructed on site, giving them a new life and a new meaning ready to be explored by everyone, young and old. They represent the main types of rural Franche-Comté architecture, specific to the different local areas. Each building is evidence of the unique connection between a society and its environment.


A family dimension

Like show homes, the houses are fully furnished, from the cellar to the attic. During your visit, immerse yourself in the intimate daily life of the inhabitants of a specific local area or social group, from 1750 to 1950!

A bucolic dimension

The outdoor setting of the museum is perfect for disconnecting from everyday life and reconnecting with nature. Stimulate your senses in the vegetable gardens, themed gardens and medicinal herb garden, laid out around its summerhouse. Sit back and relax under a tree or by the pond... Explore nature on the footpaths, in the woods and orchards, following in the tracks of the wild animals that live there!


An idyllic dimension

The museum is laid out like a little farm, with pastures and enclosures for sheep, cows, donkeys, goats, hens, geese... all thriving in the open air!


A sociable dimension

In a workshop, kitchen or garden, discover a skill, awaken your tastebuds with local flavours, take away some long-forgotten seeds or build a hut! This unique open-air museum is the perfect setting for learning, sharing and interacting, for novices and experts of all ages!

A contemporary dimension

Can the rural peasant life of thepast help us think about the futurechallenges our society faces?Our relationship to animals, theworrying decline in bees, thecrisis in the agricultural sector,our renewed interest in growingour own vegetables, making ourown cosmetics or baking our ownbread? Here at the museum, weconsider these issues every day,then share them with you throughour daily activities and temporaryexhibitions.

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